Should I be ever worried

Why humans get worried

Not a question directly related to Project Management but, this is something we all tend to do every day, every minute.

I was inspired by this video about this remarkable man, and I happened to ask the question to my self: Should I be ever worried?

In this short blog I want to discuss how humans get worried although it is my expertise but still it is my interest. At least my view point.

The very next millisecond I asked the question ‘Should I be ever worried’, I found the answer. Should I be every worried – NO I should never be worried. But I know that I was/am worried over many things.

This lead me to another question. Why I am worried?

I see only two sides to why people are worried, which includes me. It all boil down to opportunities.

  1. When people does not have opportunities, they are worried
  2. When people have opportunities, also they get worried
Lets discuss this little bit more

No Opportunities

There are many angles to why and how the opportunities evades us in our lives. At birth we loose opportunities, when we work – we don’t get all the opportunities, when we live – we loose opportunities, and list goes further and further.
  • We don’t born with all the opportunities in the world. We don’t have control over how we born, where we born, etc. People like Nick Vujicic, they are born with almost with no opportunities, they even cant do a simple thing like holding hands. It is remarkable how Nick has come out of this.
  • But how many times you ever have worried about that you are not born with what you want? We worry about lost opportunities because we born like ourselves.
  • For some people there are no opportunities to have good education, to satisfy the hunger, for clean water, clean air, etc. etc. Let’s keep the basic necessaries aside, but haven’t you worried ever in life because of not having the opportunity to have what you want?
  • At work, how many times we worry for the opportunities that does not come our way. Carrier progression, no recognition, when we have a tough day at work, etc.
It is human nature that we tend to worry for the opportunities that we tend to miss or loose no matter how many opportunities we have at our disposal.

When we have opportunities

People also get worried when they have opportunities; not only when they don’t have. What? Think that you ever worried about making a speech at public, at your wedding, at the exam, etc. You don’t really use the word ‘Worried’ for these but you tend to say that I am ‘exited’, ‘butterflies in stomach’, ‘nervous’, etc. Bottom of it, you are worried.

If you think why you worried when you have the opportunity, for example in case of a speech, exam, etc. you will find few reasons.

  • Fear of failure/rejection – it can be a speech, exam, etc.
  • Doing extra work – if you are to pass an exam, you will need to work extra. Isn’t this worrying?
  • Having to move out from your comfort zone –  people are pretty good keeping to their comfort zone. This was very well described by Kumar Sangakkara in one of his articles in 2006, long before he made him famous for his MCC speech at Lord’s England. He called it pushing the envelope.

What should we do

As I was going deeper in to my original question of Should I be ever worried, I had to change question to “What should I do to not to be worried”. I see only few things I have to do.

  • If you are worried because of you don’t have opportunities, “enjoy what you have”. That is what Nick Vujicic has done
  • If you are worried because of the opportunities that you have, “go there and just do it”. You cant control results, but you can control what you do. People will fail and you are not the first person who failed. Even if you are the first, there will be many who will follow.

The most important thing in life is to enjoy what you got and what you do. As Steve Jobs said in his famous speech “How to Live Before You Die“, live today as the last day of your life.


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