Why blogging?

Why blogging? – Is a very good question to be answered in my very first blog entry.

Lets have a hypothetical discussion between a blogger and a curious person.

Mr. Curious Person: Hi Mr. Blogger. I had this question for sometime in my head now. Since you have been blogging for so long, I think you are the correct person which I was searching for. Why do you blog?

Blogger: Well you know that I have been in this field for so many years now and I have got lot of experience in these subjects at this moment and I have been there for so many conferences and spoken to many pundits regarding …

Mr. C. Person: Hold on a second, can you make it little short?

Blogger: All right, I will try. Lets say that I want to share my knowledge and experience on my expert areas.

Mr.C.P.: Pretty good blogger, any other reason?

Blogger: Well let me think… Nobody has asked this question from me earlier. I think the only reason is to share my knowledge.

Mr.C.P.: Well you think you spend some hours per day in your life blogging just to share the knowledge? As an ordinary person, its hard to believe.

Techy: Lets say that I want to be known by the industry

Interviewer: Here you are. I knew knowledge sharing is not the only reason. OK lets see whether you have any other reason?

Blogger: No I don’t think there are any other reason. Wait may be I am blogging because other people are doing it. I don’t want to be behind the trend. You know I am a fashionable guy although I am an experienced techy.

Mr.C.P.: OK, good. Anything else?

Blogger: I want to express my self to the whole word.

Mr.C.P.: OK, good. Anything else?

Blogger: Not that I can think of.

Mr.C.P.: Thank for your time and comments. I think I have now got some understanding of this.

Blogger: You are welcome. If you want to know more about me, you can have a look in to my blog.

Alright, Lets move out from that interview.

Anybody dare to asked me the question why I blog? Don’s ask that question from me but what I will tell you is that I am an ordinary blogger.

PS: There was another discussion happened between the Interviewer and Techy next day when they meet each other at the club.

Blogger: Hi Mr. Curious Person, it was a really good discussion yesterday. You know something… I was thinking why I am blogging even after our discussion. I found one another reason why I do blogging. Which is “to learn things”. You know when you try to teach somebody, by doing that you will learn a lot as well. So before I post a blog entry, I do lot of reading and learning.

Mr. C. Person: OK, great to know. Thank you.


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